Sciatica Treatment with Your Chiropractor in Frisco, TX

Sciatica is a painful condition of the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower spine down the back of each leg. When there is pressure or an injury to this nerve, pain can spread from your lower back all the way down to your feet. Sciatica pain can interfere with just about every activity in your life twenty-four hours a day. Luckily, there is good news about sciatica as its a condition that your chiropractor can treat without habit-forming drugs or surgery. Dr. Maltezos, Dr. Wise, and Dr. Heptig at Starwood Chiropractic in Frisco, TX have the chiropractic treatments that you need for sciatica.


What causes sciatica?

Many people who endure the months of pain associated with untreated sciatica remember a very specific event that triggered the condition. Maybe they slid into home base at a softball game. Maybe they picked up just a little too much when they were moving furniture or carrying luggage out to the car. But sometimes sciatic pain seems to come from nowhere. Years and years of spinal misalignment and wear and tear on the spine can finally result in the rupture or slippage of a disc that places unmistakable pressure on the sciatic nerve. Either way, constant pain that makes movement difficult or impossible follows.

One of the major problems of living with sciatica without appropriate sciatica treatment is that the things we do to relieve sciatic nerve pain tend to make overall pain worse. Standing in one place very long makes one leg hurt, so we favor the other leg. That leg develops muscle cramps. To relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, we bend forward. Bending forward places strain on the neck.

Sometimes people who live without appropriate sciatica treatment turn to medications for pain relief. Most drugs for pain become less effective the longer they are taken. It is easy to develop an addiction to opioid pain relievers which could introduce a new problem in itself even after your sciatic pain has been resolved.

What can your chiropractor do for sciatica?

Your chiropractor can relieve the causes of sciatica without drugs or surgery. If sciatic nerve pain is being caused by a disc that is out of alignment, your chiropractor can provide treatments that put your spine back into alignment so that the disc returns to its proper place. If tiny fractures in the vertebrae have caused compression of the spine, your chiropractor can decompress your spine without surgery. Restoring the normal health of the spine relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve and stops pain.

See Your Chiropractor in Frisco for Sciatica Treatment

Dr. Maltezos, Dr. Wise, and Dr. Heptig at Starwood Chiropractic in Frisco, TX are ready to help you overcome your pain with effective sciatica treatment. Call us at (972) 377-3909 today!


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