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One of the most common reasons why someone might seek the care of their doctor is low back pain. Back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and may make it hard for someone to walk around the house, take the stairs, or even get out of bed in the morning. It is easy to see how this can have negative impacts on someone's overall quality of life. There are numerous reasons why someone might have back pain. This may be due to a herniated disc, paraspinal muscle pain, or even nerve damage. One of the ways that back pain can be alleviated is through spinal decompression therapy. The dedicated team from Starwood Chiropractic is here to explain to everyone in the Frisco, TX area how this works and how a chiropractor can help.

Doctor pointing Anatomical Spine

An Overview of the Spine and Spinal Cord

The spine is a delicate alignment of bony vertebrae that are used to protect the spinal cord from damage. In between these vertebrae are small cushions called discs. Together, these elements ensure that the nerves have protection as they leave the spinal cord and travel to other areas in the body. If the spine is compressed to a great degree, this can cause problems for these nerves as they leave the spine. 

Pinched Nerves Leaving the Spinal Cord

If these nerves are pinched as they leave the spine, there are several symptoms that might arise. Individuals may start to notice motor or sensory issues. This might manifest as shooting pains that travel down the arms and leg. These are electric, shock-like sensations that can make it hard for someone to move, making them feel stiff and uncomfortable. In this case, spinal decompression therapy may be needed.

Spinal Decompression Therapy as a Treatment Option

In spinal decompression therapy, an individual is placed on a table and traction is applied. This traction is used to gently stretch out the back in a non-invasive way. By stretching out the back, the vertebrae in the back will have more space. This provides more room for the nerves to travel without compression. This can alleviate conditions such as spinal stenosis, disc injuries, pinched nerves, and more. After this therapy, individuals should notice that their back pain has been improved significantly.

Trust the Trained Professionals

This is a therapy that should be performed under the supervision of a trained chiropractor such as those in the Starwood Chiropractic office. Serving the Frisco, TX area, Dr. Maltezos, Dr. Wise, and Dr. Heptig are here to provide everyone with the care that they deserve. Spinal decompression therapy can help those suffering from back pain. Call today at 972-37-3909 to make an appointment with our team!


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